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Air unit freezes in flight, crash then image still won’t show until reboot
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Image freezes in flight, crash and have to reboot

This has happened on 4 different units. 3 air units and a Caddx Vista. All drones are professionally built with capacitors on esc board and even and extra one on the battery lead. All have been doing this on the last 3 different firmware versions. This does not happen after high thrust/current punches or power loops. Sometimes it happens after a maneuver like a roll but definitely not a high G or high current draw. I have the fastest sd card that DJI recommends and even tried not flying with a card in the unit. One unit wires are even direct soldered to the flight controller that is designed for the air unit that way I eliminated the issue of a bad plug and it still locks up and blacks out until I crash and reboot the drone. I have 5 high end high dollar drones with DJI fpv electronics and that’s all I fly now and now I’m too scared to fly any of them. I had to resort to assigning a switch on the TX to do Horizon mode just so I can blindly land when this happens. I have thousands of dollars in these systems and now I can’t trust it at all. Last crash ruined a motor and burnt up a Iflight aio fc made for the DJI air unit. This crash cost me $80 so now I’m not happy at all.

I’m sure it’s a firmware issue.

5-13 17:59
Use props
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