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Gimbal Problems crashed Phantom 3 Std
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United Kingdom

I've aqquired a previsouly (lightly) crashed Phantom 3 Std and i'm having some issues in getting the gimbal to operate correctly.

When the drone crashed the large main socket was ripped off the board (the one that the thickest grey cable with white connector plugs into).  I've sourced a replacement board and rebuilt the gimbal but it's still not behaving.  It's quivering on all 3 axis and the motors are getting quite warm although I am getting a video feed to the app and I am able to move the camera up and down using the wheel on the controller.

I have updated the drone to the latest firmware and have calibrated the IMU, both of which were successfull, I have attempted to calibrate the gimbal but this always fails although it isn't showing any overload or other error messages in the app.

Theres a quick video showing what the gimbal is doing,

Does anyone have any ideas on what the problem could be?  The ribbon cable looks OK although but it is still the original cable so its possible it has taken some damage i suppose.
5-14 10:07
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eSC mainboard maybe
5-14 10:30
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United Kingdom

Have a look at this video, it may help you.
5-15 11:16
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We apologize for the trouble with the gimbal, it is not recommended to repair by yourself, if the issue persists, please send back to DJI official repair center or contact local recommended repair center for further assistance:
5-17 20:28
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