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New D-RTK 2 Firmware Released
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I suggest to read the folowing thread:

DJI Forum > Pro Systems > PS Software

New D-RTK 2 For Matrice Series Released Note (05/14/2020)

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yesterday I received this answer from the DJI support regarding updating the firmware of the D-RTK 2 to V03.00.0013. I imagine it could be of interest for you.

Nevertheless, I am confident that it will soon be possible to install a  single firmware for all D-RTK 2 compatible aircraft.  See:


Maggie.Yang, Jul 8, 2020, 6:19 PM GMT+8

Dear Maurizio,

Thank you for contacting DJI.

We are grateful to assist you with your concern. Regarding this issue, please see my answers below.

  1. No, the new release firmware V03.00.0013 is only for D-RTK 2 for Matrice edition, not for D-RTK 2 for Phantom or MG Seires.

  2. No, I checked the serial number of your D-RTK 2, it is a D-RTK 2 for Phantom 4 RTK/ Multispectral/ MG series, it doesn't support updating to the V03.00.0013 currently.

  3. If you want to update the firmware of D-RTK 2 For Phantom, you can only update its firmware via DJI App only currently.
For the FAQ, we haven't released the firmware to unify firmware of the D-RTK 2 High Precision GNSS Mobile Station for D-RTK for Phantom. Please kindly wait for our release. Then you can update the firmware of D-RTK 2 for Phantom to the latest firmware via DJI App or DJI Assistant 2. Both of them are ok.
Users of the D-RTK 2 High Precision GNSS Mobile Station can run the unifying firmware update via the aircraft’s operating app or DJI Assistant 2 after the firmware updates for the following products are complete.
Aras T16/T20: V 02.03.02xx and above
Phantom 4 RTK: V 02.02.05xx and above
Note: refer to the actual firmware release for what the xx stands for in the version number.

Best regards,
Maggie Yang
DJI Technical Support
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