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P4M metadata to identify multispectral imagery
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Hi, when importing P4M imagery into Agisoft, which is what I'm using to perform orthomosaic stitching, the software does not recognise that the imagery is from a multispectral camera. Instead, it imports all of the P4M images and assumes they are from the same band.

In similar Multispectral cameras such as the Parrot Sequoia or Micasense rededge, the software is able to detect that the imagery is from a multicamera system, and adds every 4 photos from each band (Green, NIR, Red, RedEdge) to a single camera position. Are there any plans to incorporate this type of functionality into the P4M? I assume that this is an issue with the metadata, which should communicate with the software. I'm not sure whether this issue is limited to Agisoft, or if people are having similar issues in Pix4d.

I'm not really sure what software DJI even recommends to use to process these imagery as the documentation is severely lacking. If anyone has any suggestions about how I should proceed, I'd really appreciate it.

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Hi, In Agisoft metashape select only the tifs, load them and then choose the Multi-camera option
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