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DJI FPV System + Smart Controller FREEZING ISSUE
298 1 2020-5-19
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Ed Ricker
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Posted in Mavic Forum because the Smart Controller is considered a Mavic product:Hello, I need some help if anyone has insights into this problem.
I recently used the DJI FPV System in tandem with the SC (Smart Controller) to live stream on YouTube with HDMI-out to my laptop. It worked great on OBS and I was able to stream the pilot's view perfectly.
However, now I'm getting freezing issues with the Smart Controller. The image just locks up on the last FPV frame.

When using the HDMI-out on the SC, the FPV goggle feed shows up fine on the SC for about 5 minutes and then locks up. However, when NOT using HDMI out on the SC and only using it as a monitor view, the SC continues to show the FPV feed much longer. It's as if the SC is overheating from the simultaneous USB-in/HDMI-out. After attempting HDMI-out and experiencing the image freeze, simply trying the USB-in will result it a freeze after a few minutes as well. Powering off the unit for an extended amount of time and trying again will result in normal operation.

I thought maybe the SC is overheating in the warm weather outside due to increased processing power with the HDMI-out function, so I tried it in the air conditioning indoors. Same freezing issue. Have used different cables as well.

Again, this freezing issue doesn't seem to be present when not using HDMI-out on the SC.
Any thoughts, or has anyone run into this problem?

Thanks in advance!

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Anton R59


How to download FPV Live APP from smart controller, to inatal on other android phone. I want to see fpv live feed from DJI FPV system on other devices, and make internet stream, but no one smart controller. thx
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