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Mavic mini batteries
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Hello, I saw online that batteries degrade over time if you do not use them. So my question is, is it ok to not use your mavic mini batteries over A period of time like 10 days or should you discharge them.
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Personally I discharge mine after three days. Ten seems to be a bit long.
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As long as you follow DJI's guidelines and discharge them to a favorable for long term storage level, keep them dry and in a mild temperature environment, 18650 lithium batteries can have a long lifespan.

Personally I've left my BOSCH 400 Wh battery pack (ebike) fully charged from the last season (because of my laziness and many other things to do) and I can't tell any adverse effect.

But I believe you have to be sensibile... I stored that in a basement with around 13°C which is absolutely optimal temperature for prolonged storage. You should begin to worry if you forget your fully charged lithiums exposed to heat cycles, for example inside a car.
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Discharge them to two lights if you don't use them for 10 days or more. They don't self discharge like other DJI batteries. You shouldn't store them fully charged for extended periods of time, same with storing them empty. It will degrade the battery health.
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