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Ronin SC Changing Push Mode Setting Does Not Alter Gimbal Behavior
256 0 2020-5-24
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United States

Nothing changed or was altered. Was functioning last time I turned it on.
I had a profile set up as such: pan follow, medium speed, medium deadband, and *push pan & tilt mode*.

The gimbal would only follow pan motions, counteracting my roll and tilt motions -- then, holding the trigger would stop the pan follow (meaning it would counteract any pan motions I made) and start tilt follow.

It no longer behaves like this. Changing the push mode to any other setting, even "off," doesn't change gimbal behavior. Changing the follow mode (to pan + tilt) changes the behavior of the gimbal correctly when the trigger is not pressed. Again, though, no matter what the follow mode setting, the push mode trigger behavior is stuck in "push pan" regardless of what the app is displaying.

I've tried every reset and calibration option in the app. At a loss what to do.
Use props
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