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DJI MIMO and FLY vs Android...
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I hope that the technical side reads this type of message ...

Why the Android side look like the poor child in all DJI software, whether DJI Fly for the Mavic Mini or DJI Mimo for the Osmo Mobile 3?

I have a Mavic Mini with DJI Fly which I use with a Samsung Galaxy S9, but why the creators of the application are not able to give the same options as for IOS, including one which really does not belong, the fact of automatically recharging the cellphone as soon as it is connected to the controller, which takes away from the autonomy of our controller, there is certainly a way to cut this recharge from the application ...

Another irritant, I wanted to get an Osmo Mobile 3, but after reading many posts everywhere about the fact that several features and options are not available or erratic with Android, make me think once again that the priority is to please to IOS users or just DJI get an hidden affiliation with Apple.

Why the zoom is jerky instead of being fluid with DJI Mimo, why not slow motion, ect!

Please, if you appreciate the customers of the two operating systems, give the same options to and your customers will appreciate, especially on Android.

Thank you

5-30 07:04
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