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Mavic Air 2 crashed down without any reason
154 0 5-30 13:38
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Flight distance : 56175 ft

Already send an email to Dji and waiting for a response but it really freaks me out, why this happened !?

Today my Mavic Air 2 crashed down without any noticable reason. Battery was fully loaded, at least 15 Satelites were available and I had a full connection until i got the error Sensorfailure and since then i had no Control at all. It wasn't windy at all too and the Mavic was fully in sight. I was flying at 86m when I've lost total Control and the Flight Recorder has some weird recordings, displaying the loss of Altitude from 86m to 42m and suddenly an altitute increase from 47m to 122m within one second.....
I'm totally confused and happy at the same time, that it happened on our own ground. The Drone crashed on our Roof and was totaly damaged.
Like I've said before, I've already send an email and the Video to Dji, but until i get a response i really can't sit back and relax, that's why I've opened this Thread, perhaps anyone had the same Error, but i guess not, because I can't find anything about this Issue that just happened today.
It's kind of depressing buying such a great Drone and having that much trouble within the first few weeks of owning it.

If anyone could provide any answers, feel free..

Very best regards out of Germany

5-30 13:38
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