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X5S failure to work with Matrice 200 v2
360 0 2020-6-1
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Flight distance : 112858 ft
United Kingdom

Hi All

My Matrice 200v2 has developed a serious fault...

The last 3 times I have flown it, the X5S camera does not immediately register with the drone.
In each instance, I have removed it, switched off and then on again before for it has connected. I saw exactly the same fault on a colleague M200v1, during a work project several weeks ago..

Yesterday it stopped completely.

It originally did not connect, I switched off, disconnected the camera, re-connected the camera and it came on about 2 minutes after the drone home point had been updated?   
I flew  a 40 mins work project taking around 20+ images, and when I got back to my office, the card was empty..  My client is not amused ...
I reconnected eventually, and the screen comment appeared - "card is full or faulty appeared on screen", but no image through the lens, just a black image?

I  tried a another card, and got exactly the same problem... So I fitted the Z30 camera I have which worked perfectly.
I took a few pictures in my office with the Z30 and a video - no problem they stored to the Z30 card.

I put the Z30 card in the Drone slot.. (X5S - storage ) fitted the X5S the camera but again it would not work, no image via the screen and comments about a faulty or full card.
so I reformatted the card... tried again but still no X5S image via the screen...

I connected to DJI assistant, ran a full software upgrade, tried again with both cameras, Z30 Fine - No X5S..

I looked on DJI Forum and found a similar problem hereby DJI stated to "Cleaned PIN with alcohol - again no difference...

I have ordered 2 new SD cards but I don't thing its the card.

What can I do, i am pulling my hair out

How does the warranty work in the UK, the service contracts with the stated dealers is massively expensive. The equipment is not even 6 months old and the flyings hours very few.

Any suggestions?

Use props
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