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V-mount battery adaptor for ronin M
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I wanted to use a gimbal on a short personal project my brothers coworker had lent me. He doesnt really do any videography work so the entire set up has been lingering in closet for about 2 year. He's pretty much given it for a year and as long as I pay for any damages it encounters, I can pretty much do what i please. suvice it to say it's been a nightmare trying to get the batteries working. I'm at apoint where ive spent to much money trying to fix the batteries and buyng a new charger that I've kinda goven up hope. I'm very unhappy with dji's battery support and many of friends have had the same issues. I dont have the money to invest in batterys that wont last me very long and are only can only be used with one accesory. However, I've been very happy with my current v mount battery  setup and love their reliatability and wide range use options. Does dji or a third party company make a battery adaptor for the ronin-M. This would really save me alot of money and head aches.
6-2 21:16
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