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mimo app galaxy note 10 plus
642 0 2020-6-3
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Hey dji
I just purchased a new mobile 3 from amazon and i use a Samsung galaxy note 10+5g and have been looking for others with this same problem and have see galaxy note 10 pluses being used so i know its not my phone thats the issue.
My problem is when i scan the barcode to add the mimo app it downloads but then i need to go to my files to install it, at first it wouldn't install but now i have it installed and if i try open the app it instantly says "dji mimo keep stopping" "close app or info, i clicked both but info gives me settings and i have allowed access to my phones camera ect but it still keeps stopping,  i have deleted and downloaded it so many times and repeated everything above, im now lost and can't find any other information on line of others having this problem within recent months? Could you please help?? Thank you in advance
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