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Mavic 2 Enterprise thermal camera issues
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So I think I am having some issues with my mavic 2 enterprise when using the thermal imaging modes. A few things here. So I was flying yesterday and getting some temperatures of turf athletic fields for my job. The Thermal imging mode seemed to be working decently well but my colleagues and I thought that the temperature gauge may be not working quite right because we have tested these field before and know one to be much hotter than the other since they were built with different materials. However, today the drone showed the hotter field to be cooler which was very strange. Then after that I was flying over some nearby tennis courts and when I switched from 'visible' mode to 'ir' mode the screen was just grey, no image or outline whatsoever and said everywhere was 32 degrees farenhieght which is just false as it was a 90 degree day. Later I turned my drone back on the grey screen was gone when I switched to IR mode and was in color as it should be. When my screen went all grayed out I kep tweaking settings to try and get color but nothing. It seemed like a drone restart did the trick (even though I shouldnt have to do that in the first place).

My main concern here is that the temperature gauge/sensor is wrong. So has anyone had a similar experiecne to this and have advice? Is it possible my temp gauge is slightly broken?

Thank you!

6-4 10:33
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