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Power camera and monitor from Ronin-M
2152 1 2015-6-17
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Just got my Ronin-M and it works great! I just want to reduce the weight as much as possible. I had an idea to get rid of as many batteries as possible and therefore power my Sony HDR-CX900 and my 7” monitor from the Ronin-M itself. Two issues that someone perhaps can support me with:
1. There are two 12V P-TAP outputs at the camera mounting plate, which is great. But not for powering my Sony in a simple way. Does anyone know of a slim tiny P-TAP power converter that either goes directly into the DC-connector of the camera or as a battery “dummy-module”?
2. My VS2 monitor has an integrated battery holder, but that will just add weight. You can power the monitor from an external 12V power source as well which was my idea. Perhaps a slight design mistake from DJI to not include a P-TAP connector next to the battery (among the two existing ports there). Now I have to route a power cable all the way from the camera mounting plate to the monitor which adds stress to the gimbal. Any suggestions anyone for a better solution…?

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I remember sony have a car battery connect, cannot remember if it is tiny though.

As for the battery for the VS2 the battery is very light, just get a smaller size battery for it.

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