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Dead Gimbal & Pitch / Roll Error
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I have a Phantom 3 Advance that has a dead (not completly) gimbal along with two error messages in the app.  The error messages are "Gimbal Pitch Error" and "Gimbal Roll Error".  This drone was given to me by my cousin, as I agreed to see if I could get it working again.  Initially there was no connection between the drone and the controller, but I found out it was a sync issue, the same day I was about to send it in to DJI and saw something about a $65 charge.
Just prior to finding out about the sync issue, I thought it was a firmware issue.  I tried everything possible to update the firmware.  Different SD cards and all, and nothing worked.  The update would keep failing.  Well now I know why; a bad gimbal.

Anyhow, the drone is completly operational and will fly, but the gimbal doesn't move.  I've tried reseating all the cables, I've inspected all of the cables for any physical damage (don't see any), I've inspected the gimbal camera mainboard (looks fine), and I've tried recalibrating the gimbal.  The gimbal does not move when powered on, but will move freely by hand in all directions; so it's not obstructed.  When I'm in the app, it appears that the gimbal is alive, because the app shows a "no video transmission" message in the top left, the exposure settings can still be adjusted, and although there is no image, when you use the option to take a photo, the app will actually show that a photo has been taken, but you can't see the image.

Prior to this issue, my cousin was flying the drone and happen to crash it because he did not know that the RTH function would take it up in the air.  He stated that the camera and gimbal still worked after the crash.  He also stated that he has transported the drone in a protective case, but without the plastic clip that holds the gimbal in place when transporting the drone.

I am totally capable of reparing this drone as I have a technical background and am very hands on.  But my questions is...  Before I go buying any parts to try to fix this issue, can anyone tell me if they know what may need to be replaced to repair this issue?  If I had known good parts, it would be easy to swap out parts to find the culprit, but I don't.  And before I go purchasing parts online, only to have to return them, I figured I'd take a shot at seeing if anyone knows what the problem could be.

And before anyone mentions the cheap flat ribbon cables; I already know about those and plan to stay way from them (providing that's the problem).

On another note, when the drone is on, if you touch and slightly move the gimbal, I'll start to hear that D, D, D, sound that the gimbal usually makes and it will go nonstop until the drone is powered off.

Gimbal Errors

Gimbal Errors
6-9 15:54
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Hi there, since your drone crashed before, for safety consideration, you are recommended to send it in for a thorough diagnosis. Please start an online repair request on our official web and then send it back. Here is the link:
We will do our best to help this out.
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