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Waypoint Missions, Altitude Settings, Login for DGIGo4app
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Ok,Im a newbie, but Im not stupid, frustrated? Yes, but not stupid. Been in the tech industry forever and have several UAV's using Pixhawk and Ardupilot. So, here are my questions for things that dont make any sense to me?

1.  Mission Restrictions when attemtping to run mission after setting waypoints, elevations, speed, typical flight characturistics for a mission with waypoints.  For some ODD reason if your not logged into DGI's App ONLINE!!!!!  You cant fly over 30 inches!!!! (Ok 30 feet?) My questions are
  • Where is this info in the manual? OR the little tiny booklet that you cant read? OR on a little F*&%&ing sticker stuck on the side of the DRONE that SAYS... " THIS DRONE WILL NOT FLY ANY WAYPOINT MISSIONS UNLESS YOU ARE LOGGED INTO THE DGIGO4 APP!!!!!!  REALLY???? Stickers everwhere upon opening, why not one for this?
  • Who determined that you always need to be logged in and policed by DGI in order to fly above 3 inches?
  • ...And this great question.... Not that we need common sense in the world... utter lack of quality is the norm these days from this generation... But answer me this... When you get a warning that states "There is a Mission Restriction due to Mission Parameters"  Wouldnt it be nice to know... WHAT THE MISSION RESTRICTIONS ACTUALLY ARE?  TELL ME WHAT THE RESTRICTION ACTUALL IS SO I CAN FIND AND FIX IT!!!!  DGI EXPECTS ME TO GUESS, STICK MY THUMB UP MY ????  WHAT?  IT COULD BE A MULTITUDE OF ISSUES... BUT NO... WE GET TO WASTE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS AND HUNDREDS OF HOURS PLAYING MUSICAL CHAIRS AND GUESSING GAMES WITH DGI PROGRAMMERS LEAVING INFO OUT????  keep smoking rope.

2.  In advance settings for altitude limitations the settings are in meters.  BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then you go to setup a Mission using Waypoint and the Altitude is in FEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Which is it,,,, Meters or Feet?  How the hell am I supposed to know what is going to be what when DGI is mixing Metrics with Standard English Measurments?  This reminds me of the Mars Rover mission 1999,
((((((((NASA lost its $125-million Mars Climate Orbiter because spacecraft  engineers failed to convert from English to metric measurements when  exchanging vital data before the craft was launched, space agency  officials said Thursday. A navigation team at the Jet Propulsion  Laboratory used the metric system of millimeters and meters in its  calculations, while Lockheed Martin Astronautics in Denver, which  designed and built the spacecraft, provided crucial acceleration data in  the English system of inches, feet and pounds. As a result, JPL  engineers mistook acceleration readings measured in English units of  pound-seconds for a metric measure of force called newton-seconds. In a sense, the spacecraft was lost in translation.
“That is so dumb,” said John Logsdon, director of George Washington  University’s space policy institute. “There seems to have emerged over  the past couple of years a systematic problem in the space community of  insufficient attention to detail.”))))))))

Is it really too much to ask for either metric or english statndard measurements?  OR do I need to convert all that in my head as well.

3.  Cant plan a mission with only one Waypoint, and there is a limitation on 2 Waypoints.  This makes no sense.  If I want to fly to one location and back why is this not possible?  Point A to point B.  and the Mission Planner doesnt like it.  It doesnt like the Route. Nothing.  Why cant I select just one Waypoint.   The Drone already knows where home is, where it lauches from.  Even then.  If you create two Waypoints, A is home, and B is second location.  The select Route for A is B and Route for B is A.   Still, it complains about the Route...

My appologies for being a little frustrated.  But seems common sense and quality.... always with programmers.. gets chucked out the window...  Am I missing something? Or is everyone so desensitized to the bugs?

Use props
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