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How do I run the MSDK on the Android Studio Emulator?
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Developers working with DJI's MSDK and UX SDK can technically run the  Android Studio emulator but.....unfortunately, not very well.  The problem is DJI's MSDK and UX SDK do not work with ARM86 architecture, which also happens to be the default and recommended virtual device setting for Android Studio.  

So if you change this setting to a different architecture, the emulator will technically work, however the first launch takes a very long - as in, go on an extra long lunch break.  The good news is that, after the first initial launch, any subsequent relaunches should be instant if you're using the same virtual device. In addition, we recommended that you have a lot of free RAM during the virtual device build.  

With that being said, what I recommend and what all of our in house SDK engineers do, is avoid the emulator all together and just use real test mobile devices, since any effective development requires the connection of a DJI drone anyway.  For debugging purposes you can use two or more Android devices and our Bridge Application found here:

6-11 15:21
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