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Shutter Cable Disconnected. Possible Task Failure. Sony A6400
719 2 2020-6-12
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Lorcan Caddick
South Africa


I’m using the Ronin SC with the Sony A6400. I am attempting to capture a motion-lapse however have failed time and time again.

I’m using a very small lens & gimbal balancing and all that is A-OK. All of the necessary settings have been input such as interval shooting mode ON, maual focus ON, PC-remote ON, Auto-review OFF, silent shooting ON and image save to camera confirmed. Everything seems to be in place however when I attempt the motion-lapse, I always get a cable error message on the screen and a very small percentage of my images are actually saved to the camera. Sometimes none at all.

The motionlapse usually begins by telling me "Shutter Cable disconnected. Possible task failure. Check shutter cable connection".This will happen once but gives me an option to press OK - the camera seems to continue rolling so I attempt to press OK as quickly as possible to get it out of the way. Shutter seems to continue on but at random intervals instead of the timed intervals chosen by me. Motionlapse will complete, but there will be little to zero images on the camera upon reviewing after.

Please note I am using the USBC to MULTI cable. (I believe its the USBC to old samsung + the little 1-inch long DJI adaptor that plugs into the camera).

I have also ensured that firmware is up-to-date and Roin App as well is up-to-date.

I literally spent most of my savings on the A6400, Ronin SC and a Mavic Pro to try make money through lockdown as I am in a country with extremely harsh lockdown restrictions, any information on the above will be massively appreciated and Ill be forever indebted to you.

Thank You

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does the Balance-Test work?
or do you even se the current incline of the gimbal in the RONIN APP?

BR Stipe
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Second Officer
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Hi there!

I've got the exact same system, and for me its working fine. Big differences:
1. I use the multi cable, not the usbC+multi adaptor. You can see in the DJI lens guide ( ... ibility_List_en.pdf) that when using the USB-C stuff, you cannot manually take pictures. My impression is that, if you manually cannot take pictures, the machine probably cannot take them automatically either.
2. Do not use the intervalometer function of the camera. Basically, the ronin SC is just sending individual shutter trigger signals every time it needs to acquire a picture. In effect, the Ronin SC is acting as an external intervalometer. If you use the internal intervalometer, then every time the ronin SC sends a trigger signal, the camera will either understand it as a start/stop interval shooting, or not at all. Confusion will ensue.
To clarify: To start a motion time lapse with the ronin-SC+a6400, set the a6400 to a photo mode, use the micro-usb multi cable, and do not use the a6400 interval shooting, just a normal picture capture mode.
Hope this helps!
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