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Come on DJI.
The current experience with the Phantom 3 is borderline shameful. I´ve been having jerk/freezes with live video feed from the beginning as I stated in way before the 1.1.9 update. After the firmware update this is really UNUSABLE for me with Pilot app freezing my whole system and provoking even restarts. Yes for sure if I go to the beach without obstacles and fly within 50m radius not depending on the Pilot app everything is ok but thats not why the majority of us buy one of these birds. You are trying to evade responsibility pointing to Android as a system and some tablets because of bloatware or being unsupported, but the truth is that YOUR method is not efficient enough and priorities are wrong. I´ve got 3 powerful devices, Note 3, Tegra Tablet and TabS 8.4 and none of them work as they should, especially while i´m recording 4k 30fps, which is surprising, specially in the Tegra tablet since is probably on the top, performance wise, and have virtually no bloatware.
You keep making excuses and blaming your customers but the responsibility of this shameful product is YOURS, I don´t care if it´s an app problem or heat or whatever you want to throw at us, the TRUTH is that you sell a broken device with false advertising.
It is also shameful that some users defend DJI saying that this is a platform in development, bleeding edge, that we shouldn`t expect a perfect product ...  I would tell you that when you buy something, it should work as advertised, and that is around 200ms lag with supported devices. And for sure that the platform could have problems and evolve over time to become better, but this is something else, this is a MAYOR failure and you can clearly perceive how inconsistent the platform is just reading different users experiences.
The disparity of experiences is discouraging, and make me doubt that a total fix is upcoming, because I have been having this problem with freezes/jerkiness since the beginning while with others started on 1.1.9. Also it would seem that not everyone is affected, what make me think there has been a batch of defective phantoms because it doesn´t have much sense to me otherwise.
I just want something that works as advertised, whether you live in Canada or Egypt, I shouldn´t have to leave a tablet useless so the Pilot app barely works. If you say it cannot be done with Android, that`s OK, if you advertise it that way. If your app it`s so power hungry that there`s no way it´s going to work fluidly with a device then it shouldn`t be supported. Al least I would know before I buy it where I am getting myself into. Why don`t you make a PC app for laptop users so that power it´s not a limiting factor anymore and at the same time broadens choice for users that like myself, do not want to walk the IOS road ?
I´ve been grounded for a month now waiting frustrated for fixes that doesn´t come, with an aircraft that has really outstanding potential for professional video productions (yes, some of us use it professionally, not as a toy) but is degraded to trash level because of bad beta testing,  programing or whatever the cause of this is.
I am sure if you had REAL competition in the market this would work differently, but we all know how the system works, at least I do ...  I just hope this will change soon so that we can have a CHOICE, because competition is the only way companies start to awake to the notion that a business should ALWAYS be customer oriented.
Maybe you think we are impatient or too harsh, but put yourself in our shoes, I bought P3 Pro the first week of May with an extra battery that I haven´t received yet, by the way, and been able to fly this thing 4 times until I realized that it wasn´t safe to fly in these conditions and been waiting quietly for more than a month for THE fix.
I just hope it doesn`t take you another month to arrive at a solution.
Use props
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