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Changed to FCC after a year of use.
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Tomasz Laptas
Second Officer
Flight distance : 680702 ft
United Kingdom

I had my Spark for over a year right now, flying in UK ,so always on CE.

Only thing which bothers me is 11 minutes of flight and quality/stability of connection.

I was kind of sceptic about changing anything software wise.

Last night I have found a very simple tutorial using iTools on IOS and I have tried it.
It worked straight away!
Went for a test fight, far over the fields, no buildings around.

Its like a different drone! 1670m before battery went 54%.
Now the qustion is, should I allow any updates on the app, or keep it as it is?

6-15 06:25
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Flight distance : 22615 ft

Hi Tomasz,

Since there will not be any feature updates or upgrades for the Spark, I'd recommend keeping the version you have.

6-15 08:15
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DJI Stephen
Super Moderator


Hello there Tomasz Laptas. Thank you for reaching out and for sharing these information with us. I there is a new update for the DJI Spark and for the DJI Go application. DJI recommend to do the update. DJI often release firmware updates for DJI products to fix bugs, improve functions and add news features as well. Thank you.
6-21 21:01
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Second Officer
Flight distance : 304032 ft
United Kingdom

I've always updated and its never affected FCC mode. You just have to keep remembering to hit 'Cancel' when it gives you the wi-lan warning
7-2 01:42
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