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Ronin S/SC joystic focus pull / zoom feature request
189 2 6-19 04:09
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I am using the focus motor mainly to zoom, and not to pull focus.
When I have a playstation controller connected to my phone to controll the gimbal, I am unable to zoom, as my lens is not power zoom, and my a6x00 camera says this "zoom" function is not supported.

Please add an option when a focus motor is connected, the zoom function form the controller actually uses the focus motor isntread of the in-camera zoom function, or add a switch so the user can change the mode. This would even allow to use power zoom in camera and the focus motor to pull focus when connected that way, just by clicking a switch on the phone, or by a dedicated joystick button.
Thank You

6-19 04:09
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DJI Stephen
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Hello there LGstudio. Thank you for the reaching out and for sharing your insights with regards to this matter. I will cascade these information that you have shared to the designated DJI department for further attention. Thank you for your valued support.
6-23 20:13
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Fully agree with that, that would be brilliant.
6-24 11:58
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