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Tutorial: config SSD of manifold2G
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Dr. Yuan Shenghai


reference keyword. Can not create file on SSD. Write file error

By default manifold 2G external SSD does not allow any read-write function
To use manifold 2G external you need the run the following command
assume you are running a fresh dji mf2g image

Get the UUID from the command line below.

sudo blkid | grep sd

it will show dji@manifold2:~$ sudo blkid | grep sd
/dev/sda1: UUID="5d1c3f37-a6ba-4373-a600-5a3993f03a62" TYPE="ext4" PARTUUID="2fb26a0a-01"

It will have in my case it is /dev/sda1 UUID="XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"

mkdir /home/dji/storage

sudo gedit /etc/fstab

Inside  in my case, it is empty. only has a default 0 1
below this default add a new line

UUID=XXXXXXXXXXXXX /home/dji/storage ext4 defaults 0 0

where the xxxxx is the file you get from UUID without the  " ". close the file. restart.

Then enter the following command
dji@manifold2:~$ sudo umount -f /home/dji/storage
dji@manifold2:~$ sudo mount -a
dji@manifold2:~$ sudo chown $USERUSER /home/dji/storage

follow the image below I don't know got to get rid of this dji forum macro bug.

then the ssd is ready to use

Screenshot from 2020-06-20 10-34-00.png
Screenshot from 2020-06-20 10-37-19.png
Screenshot from 2020-06-20 10-38-04.png
Screenshot from 2020-06-20 10-39-28.png
6-20 02:41
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