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Mavic 2 Cellular 4g over Wifi
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United States

Hi all,

Im struggling a bit to get pointed in the right direction and have no issue developing or hiring a developer to help me.

I live in a very rural area on a large thousands of acres. There is no restricted airspace. No problems flying at night. So no legal issues that I care to discuss.

I need to fly longer distances as the WiFi isnt cutting it due to trees, hills, etc... I would like to figure a way to fly using the 4g cellular network using 4g Dongles as hotspots and intercepting the wifi with the dongles and flying over 4g.  There is an active Parrot UAV community doing this

I am under pressure to control the homeless encampment issues on the property and this would be an easy solution.

Any ideas, direction. Or links to sdk or what needs to be modded would be helpful. Or if anyone could help? Compensation? I would be very grateful.


6-20 13:57
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Second Officer
South Africa

Hey there - i see that you haven't received a response for your issue here and I believe it's likely because this is less of a software developer SDK problem to solve and more about getting the right DJI drone and accessories.  Have you tried contacting our DJI Sales Reps or a local DJI dealer?
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Use props
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