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Factory reset
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John Walker
Second Officer

United Kingdom

Is there a Factory Reset option on the Osmo Pocket?
6-22 03:20
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United Kingdom

Hi John.

The only reset  I can find is swipe down / select first screen / swipe left / press 'more' / center selection.

6-22 09:00
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Hi. Thank you for reaching out to DJI Forum. As Ray-CubeAce advised at post #2 this is the step to reset the parameters of the DJI Osmo Pocket. Please refer to the video I will be posting for more details. Thank you.

6-24 23:00
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United States

I have been battling with DJI over this issue.  I claims in the video that this reset is a "factory reset".  IT'S NOT.  A factory reset would also roll-back the FIRMWARE to what it was when shipped.  THIS DOES NOT!

I am having audio issues which I believe are software related, so I would like to do a total software reset and eliminate the firmware as a cause of the issue.  5 emails back and forth and I keep getting told the same steps as in the video above will "factory reset" the  Osmo, but again it doesn't.

They then tell me to create a repair ticket to send it back for repairs.  When I do, I receive an email that due to Covid they are no longer doing repairs in the US.  I own the Pocket, 2 Osmo Mobiles, a Spark, a Mavic 2 Pro, a Phantom and endless amounts of extra batteries and accessories.  When the products work, they are simply AMAZING!  I am learning though that the excitement of using a great product is quickly lost by bad customer service.  I will have to think long and hard before buying another DJI product.
8-16 22:47
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