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Major Malfunctions on Mavic Mini
169 1 6-22 17:08
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United States

I was getting an error that the propeller on the left rear engine were rotating too fast, so I swapped them out with a spare pair of propellers which came with the unit.

After the swap, when I attempted to takeoff, it lifted from the front tilted, and both sets of rear propellers were chewed up from the ground.

So, I swapped out both sets of propellers and it did the same thing.

I'm starting to really wonder if I'll ever be able to fly it again.

I've had it for less than two months and I'm wondering if I flushed $500 down the drain.

What's the fix?

I checked for firmware updates, and it said there were none.

I didn't buy the replacement insurance.

Do I now own a $500 paperweight?

6-22 17:08
Use props
DJI Mindy
Flight distance : 7 ft

Hi there, sorry to read the trouble with the drone, was the drone crashed before or encounter hard-landing? If the drone cannot take off due to one motor spins too fast, it is recommended to send back the drone to DJI repair center for the evaluation.
6-22 19:11
Use props
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