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SD card issue
360 1 6-23 03:45
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Flight distance : 814751 ft

A perfect day for a flight, just to keep in practice because I hadn't flown in months.I carefully checked the props, and the drone for any physical damage. I even removed a surprisingly large bug that became imprisoned between the camera dome and the air intake after the last flight.
This is going to be a great, safe flight, I thought.
Switched on the phone, the controller and the drone and there were no issues or warnings.
I always watch the camera go through its gyrations on initialising and that was fine.
Looking at the phone screen, there was a regular pulse of whiteout, like the screen was resetting every 1.5 seconds.
Switched everything off, unplugged reassembled, and tried again.
There was no cure!
I tried a liftoff, rotation and side to side movement several feet off the ground and the drone behaved perfectly. I moved to a spot to catch the slight wind and could see the camera wasn't moving although the unfocussed camera image was rock steady. All these clues are important, when trying to diagnose the problem. In short, the camera continued to show this refreshing image, but couldn't be operator controlled.

Back home, I tried a tablet to see if it was a software fault or device issue. Same results. However, because of the low ambient light, I did notice 'SD card initialising' on the SD icon.

I removed and refitted the card, but the problem remained. I replaced this card and everything worked. Cured at last. The card itself was not faulty, but I had used it in another camera to capture a few shots. This seems to be the reason for the DJI Mavic Pro getting upset. It is happy without an SD card, but not one with an Insta 360 recording on it.

The moral of this story is to be systematic and logical when you try to isolate the cause of a fault. Can you imagine the cost and frustration if I gave up and sent the drone back to DJI for repair, having removed the card? Because this is the card I always use with this drone, I would have fitted the card when the drone came back and still found the camera refusing to work...
Yes, we have all seen posts where the product, whatever it is, is received back from repair and the fault is still there.
I learned a lot today but the time slot for flying is over today.
6-23 03:45
Use props


What kind of software do you use? I can advise you on Lostdongle, the most important software on my computer. You can figure it out for yourself just by looking at their website. Here's Matrix dongle emulator. If you are worried about the legality of using the key emulator, just check your license agreement for the software you purchased.
6-25 17:55
Use props
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