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435 0 2015-6-17
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New P3 Pro owner here.

Just got my P3P today.  Unboxed it but haven't done much with it yet.  I did turn on the quad, remote, and my phone (Droid Bionic) running 4.1.2 .  I wanted to see if I could hook up everything thru my phone to see what update number was on the P3 (thru the Pilot App) .  My phone doesn't seem to want to work.  I know it's not on the list of "working" devices but hoped it might work anyway.  I have the latest 1.1.0 Android version (downloaded from the website).

I have both of the downloaded update files ... 1.1.9 and 1.2.6 .  Should I update the P3, remote, and battery then try my phone again...or should I just get a tablet to work with this unit?

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