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Error in Running OSDK Sample - Matrice 210 V2
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Drone Model: Matrice 210 v2
Drone Firmware: 01.00.0690
OSDK Version: 4.0
OSDK Platform: Manifold 2-C


I’m trying to run OSDK sample application (djiosdk-flightcontrol-sample), but I’m getting the following error:

dji@manifold2:~/projects/Onboard-SDK/build/bin$ ./djiosdk-flightcontrol-sample UserConfig.txt UserConfig.txt
argv[1] = UserConfig.txt
argv[2] = UserConfig.txt
Read App ID
User Configuration read successfully.

[3883949.695]ERRORLOG/1 @ getDroneVersion, L1613: Drone version not obtained! Please do not proceed.
Possible reasons:
        Serial port connection:
                * SDK is not enabled, please check DJI Assistant2 -> SDK -> [v] Enable API Control.
                * Baudrate is not correct, please double-check from DJI Assistant2 -> SDK -> baudrate.
                * TX and RX pins are invert
[3883949.695]STATUS/1 @ functionalSetUp, L318: Shake hand with drone Fail ! Cannot get drone version. (1/20)

The API Control is enabled and the baudrate is set to 230400 in “DJI Assistant 2 for Matrice” application.
M210 V2 and Manifold 2-C devices are connected through USB-to-USB connection as suggested in the user manual (tried both USB Type-A and Micro-B ports of the Manifold).
app_id : <<my app ID>>
app_key : <<my app key>>
device : /dev/ttyACM0
baudrate : 230400
acm_port : /dev/ttyACM0

Could you please help investigate this problem?

6-24 10:38
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South Africa

Hi. I think the "device : /dev/ttyACM0" is wrong. This is the serial port name. How do you connect the serial port of the drone to Manifold 2-C.
7-3 05:03
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I was able to establish the connection between the Manifold 2-C and M210 V2 using USB-to-TTL cable (USB port of Manifold 2-C and Expansion port of M210 V2, "device : /dev/ttyUSB0").

All other trials have been futile:
* USB port of Manifold 2-C to the USB port of M210 V2 with "device : /dev/ttyACM0" (ACM0 is the only USB device shows up under /dev)
* UART0 port of Manifold 2-C to the Expansion port of M210 V2 with "device : /dev/ttyS0" (Manifold 2-C has only a single UART port, which is UART0)
7-3 05:27
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