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DJI FLY and DJI GO 4 synch
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Firstly the DJI GO 4 app is very well executed and having purchased the MP2 first naturally become accustomed to it. I later bought the mini which uses the DJI FLY app, which understandably prom a price point, is like a light version of DJI GO 4. However I strongly think the flight records should synch to reflect your flights across all the Mavic series at the very least, ideally the FULL DJI COMPLIMENT of air vehicles. I have recently purchased the new release air 2 not because I needed it, but because I’m hooked On the quality that DJI offers. Truly premium quality. I’m sure I’m not the first to address this issue, is it in hand or are DJI not listening to their customer base on this one?
6-27 11:02
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