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This is my first post here at the DJI FORUM. Being a bit intimidated by the amount of knowedgeable pilots here, i am hoping my questions are somewhat legitimate.

I have an Inspire 1 pro (X5) that i fly fairly regularly. I never fly above 400 feet and i always keep the drone in my line of sight. I have not had a single issue with the Inspire until 3 days ago when, upon starting up both vehicle and controller, i noticed that the first message i recieved was a "No image transmission signal", yet it cleared after about 2 seconds and never came back. 2nd issue is a small yellow message that says "cant locate lens", yet the X5 takes photos and records video just fine. The next message i recieved was "Battery error" which lasted about 1-2 seconds, with the battery icon red, then clearing. When i checked the batteries, each of the cell voltages were fine. Finally, upon take off, i got a "motor overload, speed will be reduced" message, yet it did not seem to affect the Inspire in any way. I thought maybe the battery error was pointing to one particular battery, but the same message appears on all 4 of my batteries. I have spoken to DJI via real time chat, but did not recieve any significant feedback. They did have me calibrate the gimbal for the transmission issue, but that did not clear the message. Time to send it off to DJI? I am guessing that it should remain grounded until then.

Thanks for taking your time to read and hopefully respond,

6-27 19:47
Use props
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