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inaccurate GPS location
522 1 2020-6-28
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United States

DJI mavic air GPS is off 100 miles. It shows me in a restriced area and that area is a minimum of 80 miles from me. The Drone has worked great in this same area until yesterday and now it will not fly since it thinks it is in a Militrary restricted area. In this case Kitsap navel base or Banger submarine base. Now it is telling me I am out of the USA. Not sure where.
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DJI Mindy
Flight distance : 7 ft

Hello there, sorry for the trouble you've experienced, what is your APP version? Please ensure the APP and the firmware versions are the latest. Does it happen in every place? Please ensure the GPS signal is strong and there is no interference. It is also recommended to calibrate the IMU and the compass to see if it helps.
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