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Question On Ground Detection Limitations
275 3 2020-6-28
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Does anybody happen to know what the limitions are for the botom sensors in detecting the ground and preventing ground only collisions? I screwed up and was attempting a low, medium speed flyby and messed up giving what I thought was the correct stick input, but the flight data log said otherwise. The result is the MA2 ran into the ground with NO warnings or avoidance. I'm thinking with slow horizontal movement and more vertical I would have received a warning/avoidance, but since the ground came up fast with a high horizontal speed the sensors couldn't detect the ground.

Edit: This incident occured 30 minutes before sunset.
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The manual lists some conditions that the sensors have trouble with:
The Vision Systems cannot work properly over surfaces that do not have clear pattern variations. The Vision Systems cannot work properly in any of the following situations.
Operate the aircraft cautiously when:
a. Flying over monochrome surfaces (e.g., pure black, pure white, pure green).
b. Flying over highly reflective surfaces.
c. Flying over water or transparent surfaces.
d. Flying over moving surfaces or objects.e. Flying in an area where the lighting changes frequently or drastically.
f. Flying over extremely dark (< 10 lux) or bright (> 40,000 lux) surfaces.
g. Flying over surfaces that strongly reflect or absorb infrared waves (e.g., mirrors).
h. Flying over surfaces without clear patterns or texture.
i. Flying over surfaces with repeating identical patterns or textures (e.g., tiles with the same design).
J. Flying over obstacles with small surface areas (e.g., tree branches).
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why the sensor vision system didn't work?
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Hello there Pappy3. Thank you for reaching out and for sharing these information with us. Please refer to the post of Labroides on post #2 and in addition in using the Vision System of the DJI Mavic Air 2. When the GPS is unavailable, the Downward Vision System is enabled if the surface has a clear texture and sufficient light. The Downward Vision System works best when the aircraft is at an altitude of 0.5 to 30 m. If the altitude of the aircraft is above 30m. The Vision System may affected, so extra caution is required. Thank you.

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