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Zenmuse X7 - Lens Profiles
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Hi,  Does anyone have a lens profile for adobe for any of the Zenmuse X7 lenses?  Specificaly the Zenmuse X7 DJI DL-S 16mm F2.8.  I tried to see if there was a third-party profile online somewhere but have reached a dead end.  I know that there are some recent additions to the lens profiles on lightroom, but still nothing for Inspire 2 or any lens on the Zenmuse X7.  Any help would be appreciated, even just a discussion about what distortion and vignetting corrections most people are using.  
Thanks in advance!
6-29 14:51
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Usually we just hand over the X7 footage to the DIT.
When the video goes to a vfx company (like for post production, those guys will need exact lense profiles. But they always show up with large grids and we shoot these grids in advantage of the jobs.
So they can perfectly correct the image so it does not get any problems when painting or adding elements.

If you don't have a exact board grid, you can display a large grid on large TV 55''+ and film those in level to use those pictures on a software to create a profile.
Large TV's do a pretty good job in displaying straight lines.

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