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Buy a P4 in 2020?
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New Zealand

I sold my P4 Std 18 months ago and really miss it.

I've just bought a Mavic Air 2 but have the opportunity to buy a near-new P4 Std...should I splash out? The $$ isn't the issue, but am I potentially buying an outdated dog that I'll regret once the nostalgia wears out?

6-30 23:42
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DJI Stephen
Super Moderator


Hello there CentralOtagoKiwi. Thank you for reaching out and for these information you have shared with us. The DJI Phantom 4 drone is one of the best drone DJI has created. I hope that you will get the best information from our fellow DJI co pilots who has purchased the DJI Phantom 4 in the year 2020. Thank you for your valued support.
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United Kingdom

It will largely depend you what you want to use it for. If it is simply nostalgia then yes it will wear out, sell it, then get nostalgic again. If it is because it is a brilliant aircraft which will give many years of please then thats different.
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Don't waste your money even if money is not an issue. The P4 Standard is long forgotten about by DJI with no firmware support for any additonal feature that have since come along.
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Manu P4P Paris
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depends from the reason you want to buy it..if you are seeking for a daily drone for pics is advisable to try to get a pro..but  if it's just a gimmick, go for it!
I always had Phantoms and I regret so gave away the 4 std..but for instance I use more the P4P than the inspire 2.. it's simply awesome (and better) than the Mavic line
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Mine is over three years old now and still gives great results. I've also used the Mavic Pro Platinum, the Mini, and the Mavic 2 Zoom, but the P4 stays with me as a good-old workhorse. Yes it's bulky to carry about compared to newer models, but it's reliable. Maybe i'm sentimental about it, but not planning to get rid of it just yet
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