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Version Mismatch - Update all Modules
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A couple of days ago I updated my Mavic Pro 2 using the DJI 4.0 on my iPhone while connected through my wireless network at home.  Yesterday when I went about 25 miles away and turned on the controller and drone I received "CANNOT TAKE OFF",  "VERSION MISMATCH - UPDATE ALL MODULES" preventing me from flying.  My drone and controller are both at 1.00.0510, which is the latest version.  I called DJI and they said I may have a corrupted update so I should refresh the uploads from my PC.

I did the refresh to my drone and controller.  Both completed successfull and the drone worked from my home.  However, I went back to the location today to take photos and the error came back. I called DJI, and while waiting for a technician to answer the phone drove about 5 miles away and tested my drone.  It worked great.  About that time the DJI tech picked up and we went through everything I had done to make sure it was the correct revision.  I drove back to the location with the error and looked at Kittyhawk.  The location I was in has a temporary FFA flight restriction due to a fire.  I was in a No-Fly Zone but my drone did not tell me that.  It said I had a version mismatch.

The technician believes there is a problem in my remote controller.  I believe there is a problem in the most recent DJI release reporting a no-fly zone incorrectly. What do you think??

Regards, Ron
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Hi. I am sorry for the trouble this has caused and thank you for sharing your personal insights regarding this matter. With regards to this version mismatch error message. May I know the model of the mobile device please? Kindly please try a different mobile device to isolate the issue. For the No Fly Zone, it is best that our DJI Fly Safe department assists you regarding this matter, please send an email to for better assistance. Thank you.
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