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Mavic Air 2 serious range issues and jerking left to right
384 0 2020-7-6
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Flight distance : 577047 ft
United Kingdom


Can anyone please help me. I bought a Mavic Air 2& fly more combo a few months ago. From the beginning i have been experiencing range issues. I have flown in several locations and still get bad range. Also the drone with jerk left or right when the stick inputs are very small. This could cause a severe crash. Anyway DJI have told me to send the drone to them for a repair. The thing that worries me alot is that if DJI replaces the drone with a refurbished drone. After having spent nearly £1000 on a drone and having to send it back after only afew months of having it is not very good at all and worse of all me getting a refurbished drone as a replacement! I should be entitled to a new unit with mine only been afew months old and in prestine condition. Its like buying a brand new car driving it for a few 100 miles and taking it back to the dealership for warranty work and then then giving you a used and totally different car. That would be unacceptable so why should i get a refurbished unit when i have bought brand new? Can anyone give me any help or info about this and what have people recieved as a replacement on a faulty repair return? Do DJI send new or refurbished drones as replacements inder warranty? After all the MA2 has only been released afew months ago.  If i am going to get a refurbished and not a brand new unit i think i will have to ask for my money back.

DJI have instructed me to send in only the faulty parts. So that would be the drone and controller. Now if i am unsure as to if i would get a refurbished replacement that i wouldnt accept in return and have to ask for my money back am i better off returning back the whole items thet came in the box when i first got the drone ie drone controller batterys & accessories and not just the drone & controller?
My case number is CAS-4568101-S3F9F7


James B-L
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