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Battery Grip, if fully discharged, can't be charged again?
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Hi board,

I have read I think all the posts about the many problems with the battery grip (BG37) used with the Ronin S. I had one that would not charged following a period of inactivity (approximately 2 months).  During the period of inactivity, the battery grip was stored in a cool dry place (my office).

When I went to charge it again, I was disappointed to find that no charger I had would charge the grip.   Symptoms: No LED's on.  Tried pressing the power button, no joy.  So I bought another battery grip, and charged it fully prior to using.  It came with 2 LED's worth of charge on it.   I used the same charger and cable to try and resuscitate my dead battery grip, no joy.

In my research I found that if the battery grip is discharged fully it will disable itself, meaning it won't power up and won't charge (no green LED's).   The best I can tell is that once it decides to enter this state there is no way to re-enable it.   That seems to be what has happened to mine, although when it was put up last time it still showed just under 50% battery on the app.  I have no explanation for what changed; it worked fine then it died and would not work at all.

Bottom line, again so far as I can tell, is if your battery grip is out of warranty, and it won't power up or take a charge, it's bricked itself and there's no way to recover it.  DJI support seems to recommend just buying a new battery grip if this happens. (Note - I have seen this enough that I didn't bother opening a ticket with DJI support).  

If anybody know a way to "wake up" or "re-enable" a BG37 grip please post below, lots of people with thank you.
7-6 08:21
Use props
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