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Why is it panning?
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I just got my Robin-S about a week ago and have been using it.  I can’t get good footage going straight as the gimbal seems to just pan left or right on its own.  This seems really odd.  I’ve messed with the sensitivity settings and dead band settings and nothing helps.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to correct this?  I’ve never seen this behavior in any other gimbal.  
7-7 20:59
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United States

Same issue. Bought mine last September, got to use it for 1 wedding and then put it in the box... between winter and Covid, not much business. Then go to use it the other day, same issue. Just pans randomly.

Others have said it's joystick drift and you need to re-calibrate the joystick (press trigger 4 times, then hold until lights flash, move joystick to all extremes, press trigger 4 times and hold for lights to flash again, then restart). This helped me for about 2 seconds, then it came back... hopefully it can help you more.

Tried updating to the latest firmware (6/10) and also tuning motors and calibrating joystick again, same issue...  
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