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Ronin stand difficult to open and then won't lock
2993 1 2014-11-19
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United States

This is my second Ronin in 2 weeks and I have yet to film a single second of footage. 1st Ronin was defective and this one arrived with a stand that does not work.
One of the legs is EXTREMELY difficult to open. Once it is finally open it will not lock into place. I have tried to adjust the spring lock but to make it lock it has to be so tight that it will not open. Should the spring locks be oiled or lubricated in any way?

Anyone have this problem and have a solution? I'm not hanging $10K worth of gear on a broken stand.

If I can't get this stand to work by the end of tomorrow I am returning this gimbal and never returning to DJI products. It already took me 3 tries to get a working drone from them.
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United Kingdom

I agree the stand isn't that great at all, I've had similar issues with the legs and over time it just got rusted from moisture and just jammed. Luckily the arms for the stand still work what I do is put it on a C-stand and calibrate it on that. Also always put a sandbag on the stand so it doesn't easily topple over if it gets knocked by accident. Not an ideal solution because you have to go buy a c stand but it works.
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