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Osmo Mobile Questions
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Hello - thank you for sending this Osmo Mobile 3 (order number 0449017035381) - I've encountered some issues with the software so far that I'd like to ask about:

These all centre around the primary solution I'm looking for, which is: to create a simple face-to-camera video using my phone as the camera and an external microphone.

1 - Is there a way to reduce the amount of 'fidget' or wobble/overcorrection in face tracking mode? I have ensured that the phone is balanced in the device, but even slight movements cause the gimbal to fidget and move the frame around a lot.

2 - Is there a way to enable an external microphone by plugging into the Osmo USB port?

3-  Is there a way to frame the shot with front facing camera, then gesture to flip it to the back facing camera with the same shot? I want to be able to get myself in frame easily without to do the back and forth of having to set up, go over to the camera, check that it's all lined up etc.  As you know, pressing the trigger x 3 switches from front to back facing camera, but there doesn't seem to be an option to flip the gimbal to keep the same thing in shot that was seen in the front camera.

ALTERNATIVELY - How about a way to gesture to line up and frame the head and shoulders, but then to LOCK this position once recording has started, rather than following the target around?

4 - Finally - can I enable gesture control by default, rather than enable it each time you shoot?

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Hi. Thank you for reaching out to DJI Forum. With regards to this matter. First, when the gimbal wobbles, the weight of mobile device maybe causing the issue if there is a case or filters attached on the mobile device or something blocked the gimbal's movement. Are you getting any error message when encountering this issue? May I know the model of the mobile device that you are using please? Second. the microphone cannot be connected to the DJI Osmo Mobile 3 directly, but there is no limitation on the hardware or software of the said gimbal. So this depends on the compatibility of your mobile device and microphone and for more information about the features of the said gimbal please visit the official DJI Osmo Mobile 3 FAQ. Thank you.
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