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Where are the Advanced Settings
776 2 2020-7-13
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we fly the M 300 all day again today. Everything is going well so far. What bothers me is that the M 300 brakes so hard and tilts a bit. I would like to change that. But I can't find any setting options in the Pilot app. With Inspire 2, Phantom 4 etc. there is the menu item "Advanced Settings" with EXP (for Expo setting), sensitivity (for attitude, brake and yaw endpoint) and gain (for pitch, roll, yaw and vertical). Unfortunately I cannot find this menu item in the Pilot App.

How else could you get rid of the hard braking if not via "Advanced Settings - Sensitivity - Brake" ?

I am happy for every tip


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Im in the same boat and would like to know as well. I have the H20T underneath it and brakes a little hard for comfort. Hope we find some tips, tricks, or solutions.
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For $12000 you would think DJI would give us full control over this drone and its cameras but that's not the way they work. I have the same problem and posted my questions today, link below. AND why won't the Pilot app on my tablet function properly? Asked a distributor last week and he said the apps on the radio and tablet are different and he thinks DJI will never make the tablet app function like the one on the M300 radio. JUST FLAT FRUSTATING!! ... D564%26typeid%3D564

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