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Crystal Sky battery charging
707 1 2020-7-15
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Does anyone know if there is a way to provide a/c power to a crystal sky monitor, or are batteries the only source of power?

In other words I'm going out for a long shoot and have two batteries. I'm hoping once the first battery runs out to immediately (after cooling down) begin charging it, so it will be ready when the second battery runs out etc ... but if there was a way to provide electricity, this would be the best solution since I will have a generator with me.
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Yes, it is possible to provide AC power to a Crystal Sky monitor by using a power inverter connected to a generator. This allows for a continuous power source during a long shoot, eliminating the need to rely solely on batteries. By using the power inverter, you can charge your batteries while simultaneously powering the monitor, ensuring a ready-to-use backup battery when needed. However, it is important to match the power output of the inverter to the monitor's requirements to avoid any potential damage or performance issues.
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