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DJI Go 4 App sync Problem
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Reno Maenhout
Flight distance : 1071509 ft

I have a sync problem with my Cristalsky and the DJI Go 4 app.
Normaly I synced my Cristalsky when coming home, flying my Inspire 2.
Then I synced my Ipad (Witch I still use for my phantom 4)
Sync Airdata app on the Ipad. And this worked fine fore more then a year.
Now The Cristalsky. did sync one flicht.. A green dot shoed. But one not and it just kept syncing for more then an houre.
I tryed a few times. But did not help.
ALso the one that I was thinking of synced, does not show on my I pad.

Is this a known isue?
Please help (again)

IPAD OS: 13.5.1
Go4 App: 4.3.37

Go4 App: 4.3.16
7-15 01:57
Use props
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