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Ubuntu 18 on Manifold 2
91 0 7-21 05:59
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We have aqured several manifolds, but right now we requre to run Ubuntu 18 insted of 16. Since Nvidia provides a firmware for them with Jetpack , I would like to know how to fix the drivers incopability with the their firmware.

1) Just flashhing the new firmware for TX2 for sure dosn't seems to be working
2) I have installed manifold image and upgraded it with the software updater, the update is succesfull but i can't boot anyome or use the keyboard.
3) Right know i am looking for a way to create a backup of the TX2 firmware and flashing it using the restore feature of the manifold 2.

Should we expect DJI to keep up updating the manifold firmware to ubuntu 18? If there is a beta version ?
What can be an workaround to fix the drivers compatibility?

7-21 05:59
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