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Phantom 4 "Gimbal Disconected" CrystalSky?
362 0 2020-7-22
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United States

I purchased a used Phantom 4 from a friend, it worked fine with his tablet but when I loaded the lastest version of DJIGO 4 on my tablet I get the "Gimbal Disconected"/"Disconected"issue. The drone will still fly, everything seems to work except the video and the horizonal rotation of the camera.

I have not yet updated the drone and the controller, but will later today.

My question is, if after I update the softeware on the drone and controller, if it still does not work and if I buy a CrystalSky, will it work? And if not would there be a cost to have it fixed and if so, how much might it cost. I really like the idea of the CrystakSky, and will buy one even if the updates fix the problem. My concern is, I don't want to spent the $500 and then my drone still not have video.

I purchased a Phantom 3 Pro yyears ago when they first came out and it still works, but I am looking forward to the new features of the Phantom 4.

Thank you,
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