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DJI Recommendation for SDK / API control
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I am looking for recommendation for purchasing a DJI drone to do the following:

Pre-program with waypoints / points of interest
Run a mission without operator intervention, except maybe to start, or respond to detected issues:
- Travel to each waypoint in order
- Take a photo at each point of interest
- Transmit the image to a local PC where custom image analysis is done (my code)
- Return to home

Which drone models could you recommend to accomplish this, ideally under $2000? Also which SDK(s) would be applicable? Would this be a task for the Windows SDK?

7-24 08:44
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United States

To find out which drones are supported by our SDKs, navigate here and use the drop down menu to change SDK views:!/mobile

To find out which drones can conduct Waypoint Missions navigate here: ... 3-b9e5-71c7a3190736

I don't have any particular recommendations for which drone you should use for your project, but you may note that if you want to use the WSDK then your choices are already limited

The Windows SDK documentation is found here:  and you will find the API documentation that covers what features the WSDK supports - you can see then the Waypoint Manager here: ... MissionManager.html

But all except the Payload SDK, supports Waypoint Missions - Mobile SDK, UX SDK, Windows SDK and Onboard SDK
7-24 10:38
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