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More Southern Ontario countryside.
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A few more country shots from my beloved Soutnern Ontrio.

The first image is hard to believe. It is the new 407 highway across the top of Toronto... needed to relieve the very much congested 401. It was sold to Spanish interests who run and maintain it now. As you can see there is almost no traffic on it while the 401 is probably jammed to the hilt with cars and trucks just creeping along in places. Why? The high toll charges on this highway force most people to use the 401. It's a road for the well off, as the makes of expensive cars on it suggest. Sorry for the rant but I had to get my digs in for the little guys.

The second shot is of Pingles Country Farm market, with Pick-Your-Own apples and other fruits. Great play areas for the kiddies too.

The third is another shot of the lush farms fields in the Durham area.

407 near Pingles 20200724-6.jpg
Corn fields near Pingles 20200724-41.jpg
Corn fields near Pingles 20200724-47.jpg
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United States

Nice pictures !!
7-25 01:37
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United Kingdom

Very nicely done
7-25 07:08
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DJI Stephen
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Hello there Thank you for reaching out and for sharing this cool aerial photos you have captured. Great work and fly safe always.
7-26 20:45
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Great captures!
9-24 00:44
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