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What is the Bridge App and Why use it?
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The Bridge App is an indispensable tool for efficient development of DJI based applications, especially for Android

Most DJI products require a mobile device to be connected directly to a remote controller via USB, which means the mobile device can only be connected to a PC through WiFi debugging. While workable, development is slow as resource intensive tasks such as profiling or transferring a new build to the mobile device can take a long time. In addition when working with Android, the emulator cannot be used to do any development.

The bridge app runs on a mobile device connected to the remote controller and accepts a network connection from another mobile device running an SDK based application. It acts as a bridge between the remote controller and the mobile device running the SDK based application.

This means:
  • The mobile device running the SDK based application can connect with USB to the PC, while connecting over WiFi to the bridge app
  • This makes it easier to develop, debug, setup CI environments, share devices in a team, or even do remote development with devices
  • You can connect more than two devices with the bridge app

To find out more see these resources:

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