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DJI Mobile and UX SDK Tutorials
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Many of you may already be aware of all the tutorials DJI has available, but just as a refresher, here is a list of the topics covered in our documentation for both iOS (Objective-C) and Android (Java) found here

  • Application Activation and Aircraft Binding
  • Getting started with the UX SDK - learn to use UX SDK and Mobile SDK together to create a fully functioning mini-DJI Go app that will show the camera FPV view, check aircraft status, shoot photos, record videos and more.
  • Camera Application
  • Photo and Video Playback Application (iOS only)
  • Media Manager Application
  • MapView and Waypoint Application (Android has GaodeMap and GoogleMap versions)
  • Panorama Application (iOS only)
  • TapFly and ActiveTrack Application
  • Simulator Application - learn how to use DJISimulator and Virtual Stick controls in your project
  • GEO System Application - learn how to use the FlyZoneManager and FlyZoneInformation to get fly zone information and unlock authorized fly zones.
  • Using the Bridge App (iOS only - Android Bridge App Github page has a good explanation) - learn how to use the bridge app for app debugging
  • Using the Remote Logger (iOS only) - learn how to use DJI Remote Logger Tool for showing application log messages on a simple webpage.
  • Android Video Stream Decoding Sample (Android only) - this is less of a tutorial and more just sample code showing how to use FFmpeg for video frame parsing and MediaCodec for hardware decoding.

It's also good to note that DJI has two different Github sites.  One houses DJI's main SDKs (ie. OSDK, MSDK, WSDK, UXSDK, etc) and the other Github site houses all of the final tutorial sample applications.  So, if you're searching for a sample of code not found in the main SDK samples, you can jump over to the tutorial Github site to see if it's there.  

  • DJI's Main Github:
  • DJI's Tutorial Github:

~Chachi from the DJI Developer Support Team

7-25 11:12
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San Marino

iOS UX SDK is no more on cocoapods?
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MitchRSM Posted at 7-27 15:27
iOS UX SDK is no more on cocoapods?

iOS MSDK and UX SDK still use cocoapods
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