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Onboard-SDK ver 4.0.0 not built - linking issue
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I tried to build an executable version based on DJI code, according to the instructions specified in (“STM32 Onboard Computer” branch). I’ve encountered the following obstacles:
•    I started from a basic stm32 project via stm32cube and added the modules that appear in DJI project file (OnBoardSDK_STM32.uvprojx) along with the specified flags. I get linking errors I am not sure how to recover from.
Here are a few examples:
  • ·       Module: dji_legacy_linker.cpp, line:
o   cmdInfo.sender = linker->getLocalSenderId(); // no implementation exists
o   if (linker->isUSBPlugged()) linker->send(&cmdInfo, (uint8_t *) &data);                // no implementation exists
o   E_OsdkStat ret = vehicle->linker->sendSync(&cmdInfo, (uint8_t *) pdata, &ackInfo, ackData, timeout, retry_time); // no such prototype exists
o   The same problem with sendAsync API
  • ·       Similar errors reported with other modules as well
Q.1 : Is there anything I miss here / mishandled?
Other issues I’ve noticed:
·       - linking to DJI external library files - osdk-core.lib, sdk-linker.lib . I’m using stm32cubeIde. I’ve managed to link to only files named under the following convention:
          “libMY_LIBRARY_FNAME.a” , while providing to the linker as a library name: MY_LIBRARY_FNAME. But .lib & .a formats are different.
·       - Finally, I failed to open DJI demo project file (OnBoardSDK_STM32.uvprojx) and got an error about an improper project file.
·       - There were other minor compilation errors I handled manually.
Q.2 : Is there an ‘.a’ file versions in addition to the lib files?
Q.3 : Is there a mismatch between the keil SW and the uvprojx file?
Prompt help would be appreciated.


7-30 07:08
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